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BRO Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, has been committed to precision welding, and welding of hot. And R & D and production equipment. Products are widely used in batteries, electronics, thermal instrumentation, precision metal products industries. Precision welding as a new welding method has been widely used in developed countries. With the rapid development of China's electronics industry on the precise welding (connection) have become increasingly demanding.

 From the BRO pulse, double pulse-type energy storage capacitors, high frequency inverter, each into the system. Power range is very wide variety of products to meet customer requirements for welding. Product quality can be comparable with the U.S. or Japanese products. Highly competitive on price, service localization, the rapid customer feedback is BRO advantage.

The company is constantly developing new products, continued investment in new processing equipment, such as machining centers (CNC) and so on. To ensure that customers provide quality bulk products. Strict in quality control, each device in the factory have been the limit of aging, to ensure that each piece of equipment to the customer hands stable and reliable. Wei Bote precision welding is precisely because of the low failure rate, has won the reputation.

See our precision resistance spot welder products:

Precision resistance Battery Welder, Portable Spot Welder, Battery Spot Welder, Micro Spot Welder, Heat Seal Bonding, Reflow Soldering Machine, Hot bar machine, etc.

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